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7 Mother's Day Gift Ideas For The Mama-To-Be

7 Mother's Day Gift Ideas For The Mama-To-Be

Finding the right gift for expecting mamas is hard, and with everything her body is going through, she deserves the world. Pregnant women are often showered with gifts for their newborn, and while those gifts are just as appreciated, helping mama feel cared-for and luxurious during these 9 months is a must. This Mother's Day, invite the expecting woman in your to life cozy up with a set of heavenly pajamas, some soothing belly oil, and don't forget a glass of non-alcoholic bubbly. Below, find our gift guide containing the very best Mother's Day presents for the mama-to-be.

1. HATCH Belly Oil

non-alcoholic champagne for pregnant women

2. Ready to Pop Mini Non-Alcoholic Champagne

3. Mer-Sea & Co. Sleep Mark and Pillowcase Set


4. Kip & Co. Slippers

5. Lunya Washable Silk Robe

Non-alcoholic champagne for pregnant women

6. Ready to Pop Non-Alcoholic Champagne

7. LAKE Long Sleeve Nightgown

featured image by Hatch Collection