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How to Make The "Momosa"

There are 36 weekends in the average 9-month pregnancy. So we begged the question: How are you meant to survive that many brunches without a single sip of mimosa? We wouldn't wish it upon our worst enemy, and thanks to Ready to Pop, no pregnant girl ever has to suffer such a tragedy.

Our non-alcoholic take on everyone's favorite two-ingredient cocktail is called The Momosa, and it's just as easy to make as the boozy version. Enjoy our cute watercolor graphic below -- we love the idea of printing it out and displaying front-and-center on a build-your-own Momosa bar. And if mocktails are what you're in the market for, be sure to check out The French 7 lb 5 oz, too!

make a "mimosa" at your next baby shower

watercolor by Kelly Colchin

featured image by Molly Culver Photography